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Brain Box Berlin, Berlin

Brain Box Berlin

Thermal concrete core activation with Uponor Contec provides economical, energy-efficient and sustainable building temperature control on 8 floors with around 24,000 square metres of flexibly usable spaces for offices, production facilities and start-ups. 

Datos del proyecto:

  • Berlin, Alemania
  • Edificio de oficinas
  • Finalización: 2020

Involucración Uponor

  • • 20,000 square metres thermal concrete core activation on steel matting provided by the client • 90,000 m Uponor Magna Pipe PLUS PE-Xa piping

Renovating and expanding with technology from Uponor

Berlin's Adlershof district is home to six science faculties of the Humboldt University in Berlin, numerous federal research institutions and the technology centres operated by state body WISTA Management GmbH (“Stadt für Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Medien - City of Science, Business and Media”). This makes Adlershof Germany's leading science hub and one of the 15 largest science parks in the world.

Heating and cooling surfaces from Uponor enable flexible room design

The new BRAIN BOX BERLIN is an innovative campus with spaces conceived with flexibility in mind, open courtyards, underground parking, charging stations for electric vehicles and lockable bike storage. The eight-storey tower to the east of the site establishes the facility as a landmark site. The eighth floor can be used as a sky bar and lounge area. The curving office complex consists of three components with four or five floors and enables different concepts for workplace configuration: cellular offices, co-working areas or open spaces. The smallest unit measures just under 200 square metres, while a complete floor offers about 3,000 square metres of space.

Thermal concrete core activation from Uponor

Modern building temperature control is a highlight of high-quality, ultra-modern building equipment. thermal concrete core activation on an area measuring approx. 20,000 square metres with around 90,000 m of integrated Uponor Magna Pipe PLUS PE-Xa pipes transform the ceilings of the rooms into heating and cooling surfaces that operate efficiently and sustainably, providing pleasant temperatures in the rooms throughout the year – providing a comfortable climate in which to develop new ideas!

Información acerca del proyecto

10179 Berlin


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Tipo de proyecto
Obra nueva

Tipo de edificaciones
Edificio de oficinas

Uponor Magna
Uponor Contec


Projektgesellschaft Gartenstadt Berlin-Adlershof GmbH

Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architects

Ed. Züblin AG Direktion Nord

PK Montage GmbH


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